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General Questions

A lot of research and learning has preceded the development of Marrow, which enabled us to create an approach best suited for the latest NEET PG pattern. Traditional coaching institutes do not adapt their teaching approach quickly.

As we are not limited to a single city, we can afford to bring together the best teachers from all over India on a single platform. We also have the digital advantage, which lets us provide you with a personalized accurate performance analysis and improvement plans.

See how Marrow compares with others.

If you have joined a good coaching institute and been attending all classes, you do not need Video plan. You can consider QBank+Test Series plan.

If you have missed some classes or if your coaching centre is a regional one (not among the Top 3), we recommend you go for a plan including Videos. However, it is important to not spend too much time on videos or coaching. Practising MCQs on QBank is important.

You can use Marrow in two devices, but strictly for personal use, at non-overlapping times. Simultaneous usage is not allowed in 2 devices.

A Marrow Pro account is meant to be used by only one user. Please note that sharing an account is against our Terms and Conditions and will result in account blockage without warning.

Yes, you can use Marrow videos for the FMG exam. Infact 500+ Indian Doctors who have graduated from Russia, Ukraine , China and other countries have benefited by using Marrow for the Dec 2017 exam. All 19 subjects have been covered in the video lectures along with 28000+ High Yield MCQs (QBank + Test Series).

Marrow is exclusively focussed on NEET PG exam preparation and we will not be providing any dates or notifications about central exams. You should check the offical website for accurate information.

No, Marrow is focused solely on providing good quality academic content. We will not be giving any assistance with rank counseling.

The session can only be attended when it is live and we do not offer a recorded version.

Yes, Marrow is sufficient to secure a good rank in NEET PG. Our content team has put a tremendous effort in curating the most important topics.

Read how to effectively use Marrow for a good rank in this 5 point guide: link

For AIIMS we also recommend that you solve the previous 3 years’ papers (commercially available).

The daily notifications sent by Marrow are a reminder for you to not skip important topics. You can make a note of them and do it according to your schedule.

Yes. Our review team consisting of brilliant doctors and faculty reviews QBank & videos every 2 weeks and after major exams or updates. This makes sure our MCQ modules and video lectures are error free and up to date.


Read this 5-point guideline on how to use Bank effectively. How to use Marrow Qbank?

You can solve a QBank module only once. However, you can always revise the MCQs & explanations from the review page. You can also bookmark the MCQs you want to solve again, which you can access from your bookmarks section.

You also have an option to completely reset your QBank. See how.

Up to 90 percent of the test series MCQs are unique. However, in certain tests, you will find some overlap with QBank.

We do not provide QBanks modules in a PDF file due to piracy issue. The complete content is available online on Marrow app and in the website which can be revised any number of times.

You can bookmark MCQs using the bookmark button and later access them from bookmarks section for revision.

  • Open the Marrow app.
  • Tap on the menu (three lines) which is on the top left corner of the screen.
  • Tap on your profile.
  • Scroll down and select Reset option.
  • Now, select Bookmarks and click on Reset to reset all the Bookmarks.

Click on the report error option below MCQ explanation; select the type of error and add further details. Our academic team will review your feedback in 24 hours. If we need additional clarification, or if we have made a change, you will get an email from us.

You can perform a reset for your QBank once in 4 months. This will erase your scores, activity and bookmarks. Once reset, you can start your QBank practice with a clean slate.

This action resets the entire QBank. As of now, there is no option to reset an individual module. You can find the reset option in your profile page.

Kindly follow the below steps to reset your QBank:

1. In the Marrow app click on the top left menu.
2. Click on your name
3. Click on the Reset option.
4. Select Q bank/ Bookmarks
5. Click on Reset

Using the new feature Custom Modules, you can now design your own MCQ modules in the Marrow website on your computer. You can decide the difficulty level, subject and number of questions in the custom module you want to generate. This feature is available only on the Marrow website, not the App.

Create a custom module on your laptop/PC: https://www.marrow.com/custom_module

Test Series

As of now, we have a total of 205 tests, 50 Grand tests, 37 mini tests, 118 subject test. These tests go live according to the dates mentioned in the Tests section.

The complete schedule of test series with date and time can be found in the Tests section. You can also find it in the Tests section by going to www.marrow.com from your laptop.

There will never be a time or day when you will be completely ready for a Grand Test. Hence, do not wait for the right moment. All Grand tests need to be taken irrespective of your stage or level of preparation during the allotted time window with strict discipline.

A test cannot be taken again once it is submitted. This applies even if you renew your subscription or purchase a new subscription. We maintain strict rules against it to prevent any sort of manipulation and ensure genuine scores and ranks. However, you can review the answers of a test any number of times after submitting. You can also bookmark the MCQs you might want to revise.

Go to the Tests section (3rd icon in the bottom menu), choose the type of test (min/subject/grand), and scroll down to the test that you have submitted. Tap on it - if the results are published, you’ll get to see your results as well as answers and explanations. If the results are yet to be published, you’ll get to see the date when the result will be published.

You can also see the rank and review on www.marrow.com (In the test series section)

Note that you will be able to review the test only if you have attempted and submitted it.

Yes! It is recommended to take Marrow tests on a laptop/desktop for a real NEET PG exam experience. On the web, we use a software that closely simulates the NEET PG exam interface. Take the test on your computer by going to www.marrow.com > Dashboard > Tests. On web, please login with the same credentials used to login in the app.

For Live tests, results will be published within 3 to 4 days. Typically results are published at 8:00 am in the morning. The date and time of results can be viewed in your score page after submitting the test.

If you took the test after the results are published, you will get to see your results instantly. In this case, you will get a predicted rank instead of a real rank.

Yes, you can take a test even after the results are announced. In this case, you will receive a predicted rank rather than a real-time rank. Also, your name won’t be added to the Top Scorers list if even if you get within 50. Everything else remains the same. However, it is recommended to take a test when it is Live to get a more accurate rank.

When you take a test after the results are published, you’ll get a predicted rank instead of a real-time rank. Predicted rank is the rank you would have got if you had taken the test when it was live.

You should be making steady progress with each test, in your score as well as rank. If not, it is time to revisit your preparation and strategy. The ranks will give a clear indication of where you stand. Last year, Marrow test series had the largest attendance in India and this year, we expect even more.

Yes, you can. When the results are published, you’ll get to know your rank out of total ranks. This total ranks indicate the total number of students who have taken the test when it was live. This does not include the students who took the test after the results were published.

We do not have the option to reset tests as it can lead to inaccurate scores and ranks. However, you can reset your QBank & bookmarks. See how. See how.

Also, once you have taken a test, you can review the answers as many times you want.

We do not have T and D sessions. However, Marrow Tests have answers with detailed explanations and standard textbook references.

No, we do not provide old question papers. However, we have mock tests and recall tests with repeat questions available for NEET PG & central exams like AIIMS/JIPMER.

Superlatives test is a Test of facts that are ‘extreme’. e.g. highest incidence of x, lowest rate of y, most common symptom in disease z, etc

Yes, we have mock tests for exams like AIIMS & JIPMER scheduled well before the exam dates.

We do not provide any printed material due to piracy issues. The complete course is available in the Marrow app , and you can access it anytime.

Typically Marrow subject tests will have questions from all topics in the subject. In certain exceptional cases, certain topics will be specifically mentioned next to the title of the test. In such cases, you need to prepare only those subjects that are mentioned.

Video Lessons

No, you can watch Marrow videos only on a mobile device like a phone or a tablet. If you want to watch the videos on a larger screen, we suggest you use a tablet or an iPad.

Allowing the option to watch videos on a PC, smart TV and the like will expose us to potential piracy risks. Many of the top teachers take classes for us and we value their privacy highly.

On the other hand, you can access QBank and Test Series on your laptop.

Yes, you can watch the same video any number of times.

You can download videos and watch them later. However, even after you download the videos, you might need a basic internet connection to watch them. This won’t consume more than 10kB of data. As of now, you can download 10 videos at a time.

Yes. The list of topics covered in a video lesson will be given below the video. You can jump to a topic by tapping on it.

Check if your internet connection is working properly (test with a Youtube video). Next, try lowering the resolution of the video by tapping on Auto in the bottom right corner and selecting the lowest one. Ensure you have the latest version of the app. If the video doesn’t play even after taking all these measures, please write to us at support@marrowmed.com. We’ll get in touch with you.

No, we do not provide powerpoint presentations used in lecture videos. We recommend you to take your own notes. However, you can buy video transcript-based Notes in the form of books if you are not able to take your own Notes. See how.

We do not provide subtitles for the Video lessons.

Uploading videos is a continuous process and is solely based on the ratings and feedback of a particular video. We replace videos which have rating of less than 3.5 stars. Hence it's not possible to give out a schedule with respect to the Video upload.

We replace videos rated 3.5 stars or below, depending on faculty availability. Please rate the video and leave your feedback on the video concerned. We will do the needful.

We have instituted several security measures such as Digital Rights Management, Google SafetyNet (which also prevents rooted devices) and allowing Android version above v4.4. These international standard safety protocols allow videos to be accessed securely, greatly reduces chances of videos being pirated, and can also prevent your device from being hacked or compromised.

Some device manufacturers are yet to support these advanced security features for some phone models. This is a third party issue beyond our scope of engineering effort and we have intimated device makers to support these global standard safety features.

We have seen these devices frequently failing security checks:

  • Lenovo K3 Note
  • Lenovo K4 Note
  • Lenovo K5 Note
  • Xiaomi Redmi 4a
  • Other Redmi models
  • Asus ZenFone
  • Lava phones
  • Some Tablets

This list not exhaustive and changes on a daily basis, as phone manufacturers update phone software versions and safety protocols keep getting improved. The list is also device specific – meaning some phones of the above models can support Marrow content, while others cannot.

Devices that pass security checks:

While we cannot provide a foolproof list, we have seen Marrow working seamlessly on most devices from these manufacturers:

  • Motorola
  • Samsung
  • OnePlus
  • Google Pixel
  • Apple

Subscription & Refunds

Your Pro Plan is associated with your email id used during the purchase of your subscription. Even if you change your device, all your data, bookmarks, tests and usage is safe on the cloud. Log in to your new device and you will be good to go from where you left.

Please tap “Forget Password” in the Login page in app or the website www.marrow.com. Enter your valid registered email id . You will receive a password reset link in your email id. Please click on it and create a new password.

When you buy a Pro plan you get access to the locked tests, MCQs and videos based on the plan of your choice.

You will receive an activation mail a few seconds after making successful payment. Once you get the activation mail, close your Marrow app and open it - your plan will be activated.

Well, it depends on how you look at it.

Marrow is the effort of India's 40 top medical teachers, previous NEET PG top rank holders, a rock star team of engineers (as you can see how well the app functions), designers, video production team & support team.

On the other hand, we do not have overheads like auditorium and logistics and we are not limited to a city. The digital advantage helps us offer the Tests + MCQs + Videos for 1/4 of the traditional coaching centre prices at a better quality.

Please tap on the top left menu bar in your app and go to subscribe (Android Users). Also you can visit www.marrow.com/home/pro?course_id=1 on your browser (Both Android & iOS users). Yes, all plan prices are inclusive of taxes.

Sorry, as of now we do not have an option to pay in installments or EMI

There is no cash payment option, as we believe in full transparency and accountability. Once payment is made you will get the invoice in your email.

Please use the following link to upgrade:

This will display:

  1. Eligible Marrow pro plans for upgrades
  2. Upgrade Pricing with earlier plan amount adjusted pro-rata*
  3. * If you have used the current plan for less than 30 days , the full amount will be adjusted in the upgrade amount and if it is more than 30 days then the number of days remaining amount will be adjusted in the Upgrade Pricing.

    (Please use the above link in chrome browser for a smoother experience)

Please follow the below steps to renew your plan within 30 days before it expires:

Android app users

  1. Go to Menu -> Subscribe and choose the same plan
  2. Tap on "Apply Coupon" and enter the code: RENEW
  3. You will receive 10% discount on the Plan pricing
  4. Complete the payment using card/ netbanking/ wallet

iPhone / other device users

  1. Visit www.marrow.com/home/pro?course_id=1 and choose your plan
  2. Enter the coupon code: RENEW and click on Apply Coupon
  3. You will receive 10% discount on the Plan pricing
  4. Complete the payment using card/ netbanking/ wallet
A few things you should know:
  1. Renewal discount of 10% is valid to existing Pro users on plans of any duration, except specially discounted plans.
  2. The benefit is offered only when the same plan is renewed, for any duration. (e.g. As an existing Plan C 6 months user, renewing to Plan C 6 or 12 months: you a get 10% discount in both cases. Same with all other plans.)
  3. Currently, renewal benefit can be availed only when plan is renewed within 14 days from expiry date or within 30 days before expiry.
  4. Change of plan duration (of the same plan) from lower to higher is part of renewal policy. User will get 10% discount in this case.

Yes, you will be getting a special discount if you buy any of the Marrow plans as a group of more than 10 students. For more details on group purchase plans, please write to support@marrowmed.com with your contact details.

Yes, we have a subscription plan for 2 years. Please check this link to know more https://www.marrow.com/home/pro

Marrow is an effort of India's top medical teachers and experts, previous NEET PG top rank holders, a rock star team of engineers (as you can see how well the app functions), designers, video production team & support team. We do not have over heads like auditorium, logistics and we are not limited to a city. The digital advantage helps us offer the Tests + MCQs + Videos for 1/4 of the traditional coaching centre prices, but at same or better quality.

Discounts are available as coupons. Some are auto-applied during purchase. If we have any coupons available, we will inform you via email. You can apply those by tapping “Apply coupon” while making the purchase.

We believe that a balanced approach to all subjects is needed to crack NEET PG. Hence we do not provide any subject-wise plans.

Close the app and open it again.

Next, try logging out and logging in again. If it still doesn’t work, please us a call at 08048130789

Your marrow account is registered primarily with email id used during registration. The verification of phone number and association with email help in faster login and enhances security. We strongly recommend to use a valid mobile number and not to change it for a smoother experience.

Help & Support

It is practically impossible for our faculty to respond to doubts by all our users. If you have a specific feedback about an MCQ or a slide in the video lectures, you can use the feedback/report button to send across your feedback. If the feedback is relevant you will get an email from Marrow faculty. Most Marrow faculty has active Facebook pages or accounts where they clear students’ doubts. You can use this channel as well. However, faculty will not be able to reply to general doubts raised via Marrow support or other channels.

After considerable thoughts from faculty and discussion with our users we realised social media is more of a distraction. As this goes against our best practices policy, we do not maintain an official social media platform for discussion.