Marrow Cancellation, Upgrade and Renewal Policy

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Over 20% content in Marrow is available to you completely free of charge. We encourage you to explore the free tests, MCQs and videos thoroughly and then take the decision to subscribe to a Pro plan.

We will not be able to offer any refunds on cancellation of Pro plans.

However we do provide Upgrade and Renewal options as described below.

Renewal Policy

Offer Duration Start date 30 days before plan expiry
End date Within 14 days of expiry of Pro plan
Offer discount Flat 15% off on renewal
Offer is eligible for users in… Plan All plans except Plan A
Offer is eligible for users in… Duration 6, 9, 12, 18 months
How to avail Steps to avail renewal benefit:
  • 1. Select the same plan as your current plan and the validity of your choice
  • 2. Apply the coupon code "RENEW" and complete the purchase
  • Note that the code RENEW is valid from 30 days before current plan expiry date and upto 14 days after plan expiry

Other terms:

  1. Renewal discount of 15% (the “benefit”) is valid to existing Pro users on plans of any duration, except specially discounted plans.
  2. The benefit is offered only when the same plan is renewed, for any duration. (e.g. As an existing Plan C 6 months user, renewing to Plan C 6 or 12 months: you get 15% discount in both cases. Same with all other plans.)
  3. Renewal benefit can be availed only when plan is renewed within 30 days of current plan expiry date and upto 14 days from expiry date.
  4. Change of plan duration (of the same plan) from lower to higher is part of renewal policy.
  5. The benefit (amount of discount) is currently 15% and is subject to change without notice, at the discretion of Marrow.

Upgrade Policy

Please use the following link to upgrade:
This is a unique link for you. Please use Chrome browser and log in if prompted to.

On this page you will see:

  1. Eligible Pro Plans for upgrade
  2. Your special upgrade price, with earlier plan amount adjusted pro-rata
  3. Purchase options

Please complete your purchase from this page. Note that the amount you see on the above page changes on a daily basis, based on the number of days used in your current plan.


  1. The difference amount to be paid for upgrade will be shown only via the above mentioned link which is accessible in browser only (not in Marrow app).
  2. If a student upgrades within 30 days of purchase, the full price paid for the existing plan will be adjusted towards purchase of new plan.
  3. If a student upgrades after 30 days of purchase, pro rata adjustment (based on number of days used) will be provided towards purchase of new plan.


Marrow Support:

Phone: (+91) 080 4813 0789 (weekdays 10 am - 6 pm)