Marrow No Sharing Fair Usage Policy

  1. A Marrow Pro account is meant to be used by only one user.
  2. Sharing Marrow Pro account credentials for both personal use or commercial purposes is against our Terms and Conditions & will result in account blockage without warning.
  3. As per this Fair Usage policy, each user will have a fixed number of 1000 Fair Usage hours to watch the videos.
  4. Once the 1000 hours is exceeded, the account will fall under scrutiny and we will look for more evidence of sharing.
  5. Apart from the Fair Usage Hours, we also track a number of other parameters to identify any form of sharing.
  6. If a violation of this policy is identified, your account will get blocked and will not be reversed under any circumstances.
  7. This policy is put in place to respect the rights of every stakeholder in Marrow - the student who pays for the Pro account, the teacher who records the classes and the doctor who builds QBank.
  8. The vast majority of Marrow users need not worry about Marrow Fair usage policy. This will only affect a very small percentage of users who are reselling or sharing their Marrow accounts.