Special Short-Term Plans for NEET PG 2021

We have launched a set of Special Short Term Plans to cover you till NEET PG 2021.

  1. These are 15-day, 30-day, 60-day & 90-day short term plans only for this purpose starting from just Rs. 1/.
  2. These plans will be available for you to purchase up to January 22nd (Friday). 

All eligible users can make only one purchase. Once purchased, the plan cannot be changed.

Please click the button below to see if you are eligible and to select your plan. These plans are available only in this special link.

We have also launched a special 12 month and 18 month Plan with a refund option. You will be refunded on a Pro-rata basis for your plan. Pro-rata basis means that the amount of unused days till your validity expires from the date of furnishing of admission receipt will be fully refunded.

Criteria for a “Pro-rata refund”:

  • You should have successfully purchased Plan C 12  and 18 months validity only between Jan 18th 2021 to Jan 25th 2021.
  • You should have got a valid Rank in NEET PG 2021 to be conducted on 18th April 2021
  •  Once you have secured a seat, you have to provide the “Admission receipt” after taking admission in college (NOT NEET PG rank card). 
  • Please send your admission receipt to support@marrowmed.com with the subject “NEET PG 2021 REFUND.

Please Note

All promised extensions have been applied on Jan 8th and during the INI CET exam. We would like to reiterate we will not be doing any further extension.

The above special plan will be available till Jan 22, 2021, on this special link only. 


Do I need to extend the plans? 
If you have completed the videos, then you can depend on your notes to revise and improve further. All your bookmarked questions will be available for you even if your plan expires. 

Why is Marrow not giving long duration free extension?
Marrow already provides the highest quality content, which includes the industry-standard QBank, and Test. The video content is the largest in its category by volume and coverage and the best in terms of depth and extra edge. In addition to this, there are revision videos, image discussion and MCQ discussion which are provided without additional charge. This is already provided to you at a very acceptable price (compared to offline options). Providing further extension and free content will affect our capacity to improve the content further. This is why we are providing you the subsidised plans which will cover our operation costs (eg. running the servers and streaming videos).

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14 Responses

  1. What was the criteria for getting extension of 8 Jan….
    I did not got it
    I took plan b in may 2020

  2. Sumiya Javid says:

    My plan B will expire on 8 February..if I extend for two months..it will then expire on 8 April..what about remaining 10 days?

  3. Sima das says:

    Sir my plan b valid till march 17 2021 If I purchased my plan (with this special link) will be extended upto neet pg 2021 Xm???

  4. Dr Devakinandan says:

    I want to take short term courses

  5. Tharoon says:

    If a purchase an extension will it get applied after the expire of my plan or when i purchase my plan itself ?

  6. If I purchase this plan will it be accounted after the end of my existing plan or from now on?


    Who are eligible for it

  8. Bijaya mitra says:

    I think u can get the special plan of one month validity till ur exam

  9. Brinthavathi says:

    Marrow is awesome

  10. Preeti says:

    I am not eligible for the short term plans. Why?? Currently I have marrow plan C.

  11. Tanmeet says:

    Sir is it possible to get this plan .now??..I just need the plan extension for 26 day..please sir

  12. Saurav says:

    Sir i missed to buy on jan 22 isaw today on jan 23 ..kindly allow me to buy

  13. Hile says:

    I missed the update on short term plan
    Possible to make a consideration?

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