PRO PLANS: Short Term Extension Options

In view of another delay in exams, we have introduced the following measures to help you continue your preparation.

1. Existing Pro users looking for short term extension: Special extension plans starting from 1/2/3/4 month duration for existing PRO users (Plan B and C) whose plan is expiring in the next 5 months and PRO users whose plans expired within the last 30 days. Please see this link:

2. Existing Pro users looking for long term plans or extensions (ie > 4month duration) : You can purchase from the Marrow PRO Page. You can apply coupon code ‘RENEW’ to get an additional 10% off. To know how to apply the RENEW code, click here.

3. New Pro user or existing user planning for NEET PG/NEXT 2022 : The Edition 5 Launch offer has been extended and you can purchase from the PRO page.


1. Until when will the short-term plans be available for purchase?
Short-term plan will be available until further notice. You can buy these plans even when you have validity left. You will not lose the existing validity and the new validity will top up on your existing validity. 

2. What will happen to my current plan if I buy a short-term plan?

  • You will NOT lose any of the components of your current plan.
  • You will NOT lose any days left in your current plan
  • The new short-term plan will be “topped up” on your current plan
  • Example: If you have a Plan C expiring on May 30, & if you buy a Plan B 1 month on May 11, your new validity will be June 30, NOT June 11. Also, you will have your Plan C intact till May 30. Your new Plan B one month will start only on May 30.

3. How many times can I purchase these short-term plans?
Users can purchase these plans for a maximum of two times only.

4. Can I purchase different short-term plans, say Plan C & Plan B?
Existing Plan C users can purchase either plan C or plan B short-term plans, while the existing plan B users can purchase only plan B short-term plans. 

5. I want to purchase 6 months Plan duration, what should I do?
You can avail 6+1 months Plan B & Plan C offer from our Marrow PRO Page.

6. Can I upgrade from Plan B to Plan C with these short-term plans?
No, Plan B users can only purchase plan B 1/2/3/4 months short-term plans.

7. Will the #WRWU sessions & tests announced included with these short-term plans?
Yes, #WRWU live sessions & tests announced will be part of your plan till your plan expires.

8. Can I avail RENEW discount on the short-term plans?
RENEW discount will not be applicable on these short-term plans. However, you can avail renewal discount of 10% on the plans available on our Marrow PRO Page.

9. I had prepared using Marrow Edition 4. Will I be able to use Marrow Edition 4 if I renew using these short term plans?
Yes. Marrow Edition 4 will be live in app until 31 December 2021.

10. Will new Grand Tests and Mini Tests be added in view of postponement of exams if I extend using these short term plans?
Yes. Our team is constantly working to add more tests. A schedule of new tests can be expected soon.

11. Will Plan B users have access to #WRWU Live sessions?
No. #WRWU live sessions will be available in app only for Plan C users. However all users can watch the session while it is live on Youtube.

12. My plan expired two months back. Can I purchase these short term plans?
No. Users have to purchase these short term plans within 30 days of expiry of their existing plans. You can also buy these plans even when you have validity left. You will not lose the existing validity and the new validity will top up on your existing validity.

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3 Responses

  1. Rachna says:

    Will i be able to acess both edition 4 and edition 5 when i renew my existing plan??

  2. pawan singh says:

    Hello sir where we find edition 5 notes pdf…… I have edition 4

  3. Sudarshan says:

    I am using plan C so can i continue plan C for 3 months

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